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Our Goals

  • Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
  • Cleaner, simpler user experience
  • Reach millions of potential users

Who Is Behind Far or Near

Right now, it's just me - Joseph Grutta. We have no outside investors. I'm carrying the cost of providing this service and working on it in-between client projects. You can allow me to spend more time working on the platform by making a donation.

Our Values

  • We believe strongly in privacy rights and are committed to helping you protect your privacy online. Our service is compatible with most VPN services, TOR and many popular privacy plugins for your browser. If your favorite privacy plugin isn't compatible with Far or Near, please let us know.
  • Net neutrality is important for the future of the Internet. It encourages innovation and levels the playing field so new services like Far or Near have a fighting chance.
  • We believe it is important for social networks to be politically neutral, so users are free to express themselves. We're here to help prevent bullying and make sure everyone has a good experience.

Our Promise to You

It will always be free to create a group with unlimited members. Group organizers are our ambassadors. We want to empower them to promote the service, not punish them for their success.

Ways You Can Help

  • Tell your friends about Far or Near
  • Create a group with unlimited members
  • Post events that are happening in your area
  • Share content you find interesting
  • Provide feedback and suggestions
  • Make a gift of a dollar or more


For a limited time, supporters who give $25 or more will be guaranteed an ad-free experience for life.