Most of us enjoy watching television, but is it really worth it to keep paying for cable or satellite? In this article we'll discuss some alternatives, so you can cut the cord once and for all.

Free Broadcast Channels

You're probably already aware of the fact that you can get a few channels free over the air. But, did you know that many of these channels are now available in HD? And, they are all digital, so there is no snow. With the right antenna, you can enjoy these channels in the same clear high definition as you do with your cable box or satellite receiver.

You'll probably be surprised how many channels there are. Especially, if you live in a large metropolitan area. To see what channels are available to you, visit AntennaWeb.

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon Prime is an amazing deal. I've had it since college, when they offered me a free trial, and have never once considered cancelling. In addition to free two day shipping on many items, you also get access to thousands of television episodes and movies at no cost. And, if the show you want to watch isn't included with prime, you can still pay for individual episodes or a season. If you add together the cost of subscribing to the handful of shows you actually watch, it's probably far less than you currently pay for your television service. And, you get expedited shipping, free digital music and much more. Amazon offers a free 30 day trial, so you can try Prime without any risk.


Hulu offers many television episodes for free with brief commercial interruptions. Many of these same shows are available on the websites of their respective networks, but with Hulu you can find them organized in one place. And, if you want to use Hulu with your Roku or other streaming device, you can pay for their upgraded service.


Netflix offers access to thousands of television shows and movies that can be streamed on a compatible device for a low monthly fee. And, unlike with Hulu, there are no commercials.

Streaming Devices

There are many devices that will allow you to watch content from internet streaming services on your existing television. Many newer DVD and blu-ray players, gaming systems and televisions support popular streaming services. And, if you don't have a compatible device, you can purchase a stand-alone unit. Here are a few options to get you started: